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Proactive Compliance Group LLC

We are a boutique style global consulting company dedicated solely to the financial services industry.

Our Story


To serve as a global platform for individuals to reach their highest professional development and to contribute to our clients with best practice compliance & operations solutions  in their local markets, while having the ability to contribute with our knowledge to the local markets and influence their regulatory legal framework.

Achieving excellence with every solution and service we provide to ensure institutions are run with the most efficient and profitable manner while being in full compliance with regulatory requirements and by safeguarding their repetitional risk.  


We are a boutique style global consulting company dedicated solely to the financial services industry.  We deliver unique solutions in banking, capital markets, insurance, wealth and investment management and finance related to Guidance, Project Management, Audits, Smartsourcing, Corporate Strategy Operation and Training & Development.  Our focus is Finance, Risk and Compliance leveraging our expertise of operations, technology and regulatory compliance knowledge to deliver top of the line solutions and services to our clients.  

Our greatest asset is our people.  PCG makes great investments on training and development to ensure we deliver best possible solutions to our clients. 

We take pride on everything we do, as simple or as complex a task or project could be we take pride and ownership from planning to execution.

For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction; therefore, the context and consequences of our actions is very important and must be aligned with our vision and mission. 

We owe respect and loyalty to our team members, to our clients, to our community and to our firm. 

We stand, work and live through high ethical values.  High business ethical standards are expected at all level and with all people we interact.  

Work and life balance is encourage and expected.  It stimulates mental health, physical, spiritual and family stability.  We believe that when all these factors are stable, higher performance is achieved.

We strongly value education at work and in our community as education leads to high standard of living as well as a being a major toll to our most important asset, our people. 

We are committed to the empowerment and impacting the community we live in whether is through monetary donation. Most importantly impacting by participating in activities and engaging in the community itself. 

We value and respect diversity at all levels: age, race, gender, ethnicity and any other differences that add value to our firm in any form or shape.  As we are a global firm that focus on people’s knowledge and expertise.

Creativity is encourage at all levels.  We are solution creators and creativity is the spark that makes us different and unique.  Creativity it’s also a great channel to engage with PCG.

Proactive Compliance Group LLC


The Team

Nadia – Advisor & Team Lead

Nadia is a Independent Banking professional with more than 17 years of experience.  Her background incorporates International Business Development and Management, with a solid experience in Corporate and Investment Finance, Private Banking and Portfolio Management. 

Her successful experience in finance and marketing is supplemented with two degrees from New York University, MBA in Computer Sciences and International and Corporate Business and Finance.

Nadia had served as a Corporate Business Liaison between Latin American companies seeking access to the U.S. as well as international capital markets and American companies wishing to invest in them. She shares her financial expertise with corporations in her native country, Dominican Republic, helping them to expand their businesses. 

 Nadia is well known for maintaining good relationships with her clients and oversees the preparation of project reports, helping the high profile clients to grow their businesses by creating strategic alliances. Her priority has always been establishing in short and long term planning sessions with business partners to improve business processes and to prioritise investments in processes, people, applications, services and infrastructures.

She was selected to participate in the Accelerate with Google program and Latinas En New York (LENY) representing Latino Women in the Financial World.   Also serve on the executive Board of the “Dominican Women Chamber of Commerce” (DWCC).  She is currently active in several charitable organisations locally and internationally, such as “La Casa Rosada” a home for orphaned children in the Dominican Republic, and “Incarnation Children’s Center” in New York City.

Nadia is fluent in English and Spanish and is Intermediate in Arabic and Italian.  Nadia is known for being highly motivated and top Performing professional.

Kevin – Project Manager

Kevin an Anti-Money Laundering, Risk and Control specialist with over 10 years of experience in Banking, Project Management and Financial Services. He is bilingual (English/Spanish) fluent (Written/Spoken). Kevin is also a certified Anti-Money Laundering specialist (CAMS) which allows him to draw from a unique set of skills. In his previous roles, he has assisted banks under Cease and Desist order from the OCC, NYS DFS and Federal Reserve Bank throughout Miami and New York to remediate their policies and procedures, client profiles and establish new standards to adhere to United States Banking Regulations. He has designed and executed AML Programs compliant with Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Know Your Customer (KYC) control metrics. He has experience in project management from project conception and initiation to project closure and reporting, managing teams and completing complex projects. He has facilitated meetings with FED and DFS on regulatory commitments as it relates to MRA/MRIA. His greatest asset is his down to earth personality and his ability to work with everyone across all levels of the firm (Analysts, Mid Management, Executive Management & External Partners). In his career I has worked in Brokerage Firms, Retail Banks, Private Banks and foreign banks particularly Global Transaction Banking (GTB). He is currently pursuing the Project Management Professional license (PMP) and Certified Treasury Professional license (CTP) and Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager license (CRCM).

Sandeep - Advisor

A Senior Compliance Officer and a Team Lead with experience in Mathematical research, teaching, Law Enforcement, and Anti-Money Laundering analyst.  Sandeep also holds various awards from each of his careers, ranging from consecutively being on the Dean’s List in college, to best all-around in Physical Training in the Police Academy, to the Outstanding Peer Award at JP Morgan Chase & Co.  While a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Sandeep taught Math recitation classes, tutored and conducted research for the Mathematical department.  As a researcher, he taught himself computational programming in Java, C++, and Matlab and was successful reducing the variance of the estimator for Stochastic Differential Equations.  Sandeep was also invited to present his research to various professional conferences across the United States where his research was recognized by the academic community. As a Senior Compliance Consultant and Team Lead at Deutsche Bank, Sandeep successfully manages a team of research analyst while assisting in writing procedures for the Cash Letter Project.  He also plays a vital role in day-to-day operations providing assistances and guidance to research analyst that is in accordance with the current Federal regulations and policies.  Sandeep is also responsible for Quality Assurance for alerts that were completed by the team in the United States and in India. 

In addition to Sandeep Singh expecting to obtain his Certified Fraud Examiner credential in the fall of 2015, his Association of Certified Money Laundering Specialist certification by fall of 2016 and he also is currently enrolled in a Master of Science in Computer Science degree with a focus in Cyber Security in at Johns Hopkins University.

Alexander - Advisor

Alexander is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who has been working in the training and development field for over 20 years.  His earliest experiences go as far as Pre-Teaching academy at Walton High School, in the Bronx, where he participated in a nationwide pioneering program.  Alexander has a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Information Technology from New York Institute of Technology and a Master’s in Business Administration from University of the People.  He followed his passion by taking several classes in education and becoming a peer-mentor for freshmen students and tutoring program until graduation as an undergraduate.  He was also part of the HEOP (Higher Educational Opportunity Program), and member of several clubs.  Most currently, he is a certified real estate agent.  His professional career began in banking as a teller and then client relationship after he graduated from NYIT, but after the September 11th terrorist attacks he wanted to work and help enrich his community and was hired at BronxWorks (aka, Citizen Advice Bureau), a Nonprofit organisation in the Bronx, where he has been working for over 20 years.  He started as a Program assistant and has risen to be a Training Coordinator.  Designing and implement staff and client curricula from computer to HR trainings and facilitation, all based on the needs of the organisation and the community.  He is also member of several committees and has served as the president of the NYIT alumni association for several terms.  He also initiated the "Young Alumni Club" to help integrate young alumni into the school by creating activities they would participate in and encourage young graduates to maintain their connections to the school.  Alexander has taken his passion and knowledge in the private sector using PCG as a platform to align his professional and personal services. 



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