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Commit each project to compliance with the highest standards of continuous improvement, environmental protection and high efficiency in all our works, improving the quality of life of our communities and our planet.

Constructora Carlimev S.R.L.

Our Story


Take the ideas of our clients beyond their imaginations creating each experience and each unique work of its kind.


With more than 70 years of experience complemented by acquired education, the management group designs, manages and executes all types of projects related to architecture, civil engineering and sustainability. One of our main objectives is to make important contributions to the development of the Dominican Republic. Our emphasis is to use technical competence to provide services and build quality products in various essential sectors for society, engineering, infrastructure, construction, real estate, renewable energy and mobility.

We are committed to the highest ethical, technical, productivity, governance and efficiency standards in everything we do, to promote growth and development.

Our main motivation is a diverse, sustainable future with a focus on cultural preservation, respect for society and the environment. A future with engineering and infrastructure solutions that improve the lives of the communities where we operate and protect and preserve it. A future in which the diversity of our members makes it possible to promote positive changes in the premises.

Contribute to society through our knowledge, helping to build a sustainable world.

With the trust of customers, design and implement innovative solutions that generate value for the whole of society and are suitable to meet the needs in which we live and that we are going to face in the future.

Make viable and materialize sustainable infrastructure projects to meet the current needs and those of future generations.
Direct our operations to be carbon neutral and support our clients in the development of positive climate solutions.

Align our actions with the UN sustainable development goals and support best initiatives and practices in society.

Constructora Carlimev S.R.L.


The Team

Edward- Advisor

Entrepreneur, University Professor and Seminarian, who has stood out for his high knowledge, eloquence and environmental presentations at national and international level. Graduated from UTESA, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Architect Design and from PUCMM with a master's degree in Environmental and Waste Management. Within his extensive academic preparation, international seminars stand out: Integral Management of Solid Waste II, Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA Yokohama JAPAN and University of Fukuoka (2006), Organic waste management seminar (Takakura Methods) San Salvador El Salvador, 2012. International seminarian: (CODIA-SODOSISMICA). Seminar workshop on Treatment and use of Wastewater (PAHO - WHO). International Latin American Arch. Seminar (IX SAL- POLITÉCNICA UNIVERSITY San Juan P. Rico (2001). Cost accounting and engineering and its application by computer in construction (CODIA). First International Congress of Engineering and Environment (UPADI- CODIA ( 2001) Seminar on Diplomatic Law and International Business (FEV. STO. DGO.) Exposition “Carlos Raúl Villanueva” (School of Graduate and Design of Harvard University Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts 2000. Analysis and design of structures for hurricanes and earthquakes (2001) (CEDESE-UTESA). Edward brings a wide range of technical knowledge acquired through his experience working in public and private institutions. At Carlimev Construction, Edward is the central axis in the sustainability and environment proposal.

Constructora Carlimev S.R.L.

Implementing solutions
that improve the quality of life.

Constructora Carlimev S.R.L.

Contact Us

Edificio Hernández, Av. Francia No. 5 Suite #8

Santiago De Los Caballeros, Republica Dominicana 51000

Tel: +1 (809) 663-5943

Constructora Carlimev S.R.L.

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