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Tres Amigos Cigar Company was born in the midst of a friendship of three friends who the concept of cigar hand making connected them through their childhood.

Tres Amigos Cigars

The Team

Angel – Artisan

Born and raised in a family of artisans Angel had a clear career path.  His father was a well know cigar roller in Tamboril a town known for cigar making.  By the time he was an adolescent he already had master the art of cigar making.  He worked with his dad and helped his dad from the beginning stage to finish and also relationship management with retailers.  Angel knows all process within cigar making where he manages his own production and most recent has partnered with Tres Amigos to handle all operations and supervision of quality control and operations.  

Senubia – Partner

Senubia a native of Jicome, a town of the Dominican Republic in the northeast region located in the outskirt of the mountains, which provide perfect weather condition for the cultivation of tobacco.  Senubia at a young age was exposed to the trade of commerce locally helping out her mother made coconut candy to be sold at local stores.  Senubia was in charge of all supply purchases and also the distribution of the candy.  This allowed her to sharpen her negotiation skills and master local commerce.  Later in life in her family plantation she worked in coffee plantation, coffee picking and also in the tabaco plantation in the selection and processing of the leaves to placed to dry and aged for the convention of the tripa (the filling of the cigars).  After leaving the tabaco industry Senubia married and with her husband in later years she opened her own business selling goods at retail and wholesale level to small local business.  Today Senubia has embarked in Tres Amigo Cigar Co honoring her family and their contribution as Tabaco producers.   

Tres Amigos Cigars

"There are no bad cigars,

only better ones."

The Brand focus on three rings: 


This cigar ring is for an experience cigar smoker who truly understand the quality of a premium cigar, who has the ability to acknowledge high quality tabaco, feeling the spirt in the taste of the cigar. This cigar was made for the diplomat, for the CEO for a figure in power.

Tres Amigos Cigars


Donna Bella is more for someone that enjoys a good cigar, but is not accustom to a strong spirit.  Women might enjoy this soft taste of the fresh tabaco leave, less aging tabaco.   

Tres Amigos Cigars


Don Negro, in honor of my grandfather, who had the perfect land in the outskirt of the mountain that provided the right conditions for the growth of the leave and understood that the quality of the leave depended on how high on the stem the leaves were.  The spirt of this cigar is not as potent, giving it a smooth experience yet a superior experience. 

Tres Amigos Cigars
About Us

Tres Amigos Cigar Company was born in the midst of a friendship of three friends who the concept of cigar hand making connected them through their childhood.  One of the friends grew up in the fields of tabaco, as his grandfather was the owner of a plantation of tabaco, giving him a true understanding of the climate condition and the process of the leaves on the tabaco ranches.  The other two friends their fathers coming from two different regions of the Dominican Republic where professional cigar rollers.  Having this combination highly rich in culture, art and tradition that focus on high quality premium cigar making.  The idea among these friends were never taken to a business venture, but it transcended into another trio of friendship. My mother who grew-up working on the field of tabaco in the processing of the leaves and also my friend and partner in crime Angel who has expended his entire life working the art of premium handmade cigar rolling.  Angel had acquired this skill through his father Don Patito who has his own cigar brand, becoming one of the top artisans in the country.  Overall, we have a combine experience of over 100 years, in the cultivation, processing of the tabaco leaves and hand rolling of the cigars.  The brand focus on three rings:

Tres Amigos Cigars
Tres Amigos Cigars

Contact Us

Calle Teofilo Perez Casa #36

Jicome Arriba, Esperanza

Valverde Mao, Republica Dominicana

Calle Elsa Brito, Barrio Los Rosarios Casa#32

Los Polancos, Tamboril

Santiago, Republica Dominicana 51000

Tel: +1 (809) 663-5943

Tres Amigos Cigars

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