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Our mission is to improve the ways of living of others and to decrease poverty worldwide by forming leaders and focusing in education, health, business sustainability and safety.

Our Story


Our vision is to facilitate the advancement of underdeveloped countries and create opportunities via different platforms and projects.


I have been donating toys to underserved children in my home town of Jicome for about five years now.  The creation of having a day to celebrate children’s joy and happiness has always been in my to-do list and has trigger the creation of a platform for individual in developed countries to contribute to the development of underdeveloped countries.  After doing this activity I feel that there is a need to have an organization not affiliated with any political parties or religious believes.  


After 14 years of corporate experience and having my own consulting practice, I strongly feel that this is the right time and also is the next step that I want to do in life.  I strongly believe in giving back to the community which has lead to creating this foundation that is connected to my purpose which I will use as a platform to impact the life others.



This foundation is not established only to create opportunities for people in underdeveloped countries, but also to serve as a platform for young professionals and experienced individuals to be the best they can be, for donors to impact the world and receive tax deductions with their donations.  This foundation is not a vehicle or a source of income for myself, but more of a way to exercise my purpose in life: to lead, coach, create opportunities and impact the life of others. 

have acquired extensive experience in retail management and supermarket industries: Felipe and Denis.   With the help of family friends, Felipe and Denis will establish McKombo presence in the Northeast region of the United States based in the Heart of New York and also a presence in Downtown Miami focusing in the Southeast region of the United States.  The focus of our mission is in detailed supervision and outstanding method of farming and transportation logistic provide consumers highest quality products at a reasonable price.  Keeping in mind a strong vision in positioning ourselves in the United States as the leading importing when it comes to quality and taste of our products.  We also strive as an international brand to create opportunities and bring value to our consumers.

Is to create a Platform where people who want to give back and improve the way of living of others can interact and add value by donating, volunteering and getting involved with the foundation. 


Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.

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